We are located in South Eastern

Ohio. We border WV and PA. We are 40 minutes from the Pittsburgh, PA airport. 

We have over 20 years experience with our beloved Mi-Ki Breed. You can read about our journey into the Mi-Ki world on “Our Story” page. 

The establishment and future of our breed has always been close to my heart. Our Mi-Kis are raised in our home as part of the family. We breed for outstanding health, temperament, and to produce the intended type (look) of the Mi-Ki breed. Our puppies are placed in approved homes with a spay/neuter contract. 

We offer a one year health guarantee. All of our parents complete DNA-VIP, Patellar, Heart and CERF exams prior to breeding. Our Mi-Kis are registered with the UKC and The American Mi-Ki Registry Association, AMRA. 

We are members in good standing with The American Mi-Ki Club, AMC 


Weavwood’s Sweet Fragrance Of Shekinah at the CMA fun match in Connersville, Indiana in 2002. Chanel earned first place in her puppy class. 

Pet Quality Puppy in Toronto, OH

Shekinah’s Shadrach “Baby Boy”

Baby Boy was one of our foundation sires, he sired many beautiful offspring here at Shekinah’s as well as a select few litters outside of our kennel. One of our favorites out of Waidin Mi-Kis was International Champion Waidin’s Steppin Out. He is in many of the pedigrees today. 

Shekinah’s Tried & True “Trinity”

Trinity was another foundation dog in our previous years of breeding. She was a special girl. She became one of the models for the former CMA logo. She was the dog standing. She recently crossed the rainbow bridge at 16 years of age. 

Our Sires


Bandit, as we call him is a stunning boy. It’s hard to fault him. He is 4 1/4 pounds.  He carries blue and he is from Spain bloodlines. He joined us for My Little Puppy Paws in Michigan. He is Patellar, Heart, and CERF clear. He is registered with both AMRA and UKC. 


📌11/12/19  We are proud to announce Bandit has earned his UKC Championship! He also placed #2 on the UKC 2019 Top 10 for the Mi-Ki breed! 

Shekinah & Abba Angel’s Silhouette “Asher”  

Our Asher is a special boy. He was born to our Shekinah’s Better Latte Than Never “Latte” and Abba’s Angels Pooh Bear. 

Asher’s grandmother “Pitty Pat” is a littermate sister to our foundation female Tri-State Lady Truffles of Shekinah “Truffles”. So this boy goes ALL THE WAY back to where we started in 2001. Asher carry’s the original MCOA/CMA lines. He has 6 generations behind him of DNA parentage verified, Patellar, Cardiac, CERF tested and cleared bloodlines. 

We are so blessed that Lawrie Willis shared this line with us.