Brumby’s Run Duchess Of Shekinah 


“Duchess” came to us from Brumby’s Run in California. This gorgeous girl has stolen our hearts with her sweet personality. She lives next door with my uncle with our beloved beautiful UKC Champion Bandit. 

Duchess was retired in November of 2022. Thank you to her breeder Bonnie for this girls contribution to our breeding program. 


Duchess daughter 

will carry on her linage. 


Get Em Down South Merriment “Farrah” 


Farrah was retired in 2022. She is a beautiful black and tan. She was bred by Ann Dunn she came to us from Bonnie Thomson. She has given us several beautiful litters and is grandma and great grandma to a couple of our up and coming Shekinah beauties. 

Shekinah’s Better Latte Than Never “Latte”


Latte is a first generation Shekinah offspring. She is mother to our Asher & Ohana. Latte was retired in January 2024. She and her mother Farrah reside in Tennessee with Lawrie’s husband Phillip. 

Paisley came to us from So Fine Mi-Kis in Indiana. She is daughter to the most titled Mi-Ki in the world! World Cup Champion B- Blessed Nothing Sweeter Than Skeeter Of  So Fine 

Owned by Denise Schirr.  Bred by Sue Vermesse. 

Photo owned by Denise Schirr

A huge thank you to Denise for trusting us with her lines and her precious Paisley.  Giving her up was a tearful transition. She is most assuredly a treasured addition to our program and our home. 


Paisley will retire in February of 2024 

Shekinah & Abba’s Ohana Means Family “Ohana” 


Ohana is a black and white tri color, she is a second generation Shekinah offspring and is Latte’s daughter. This is a special girl going back to the original MCOA bloodlines. She is in one of our guardian homes nearby. Ohana had her second litter with us on December 22, 2023. 

Our Future Up And Coming…

Shekinah’s Lady Naveen

Naveen is a 3rd generation Shekinah offspring. She is Duchess daughter. Naveen resides with one of our guardian homes nearby. We project she will have her first litter in 2024. 

Royal T’’s Jehovah Rafa Of Shekinah “Raphael” 

Raphael is a blessing on so many levels. He came from Royal T Mi-Kis. His name means “God has healed”. We picked him out as a newborn. Having waited for many years for an apricot and white that would be part of our breeding program. He came along during my cancer journey. His breeder has held onto him for us sharing pictures and videos as he has grown. He will be arriving in March. We can’t wait for this little guy that comes from beautiful lines. 

Raphael has been genetic tested through Embark and has been cleared for our breeding program. 

Royal T’s Sweet London Of Shekinah 

London’s name suits her. She is one of the sweetest Mi-Kis we have had. Another from Royal T Mi-Kis, I fell in love with this chocolate girl. She will be a year old in February. We are working on getting her to a healthy breeding weight. We are hopeful she will grow enough to be one of our future mommy’s. 

Anna came to us from Royal T Mi-Kis. Mom is a UKC Top Ten Grand Champion. Her sire is from frozen sperm going back to original lines of 17 years ago. Hence her name, Anna (From

the movie Frozen) We are honored to have her in our breeding program. 

We are also very excited to share Anna’s Embark genetic testing showed she is clear for nearly all of the genetic disorders they test for, she also tested high in genetic diversity at only 7 percent, which is amazing for our rare breed!

Anna will be paired with our Asher who is also from original lines sired going back 14 years. He was co bred by Lawrie Willis our former founder and president of the CMA. Asher is genetically clear of all traits tested for through Wisdom Panel. 

We are excited for the chance to continue our trend of black and tan puppies as Anna carries black and tan. We have reached 4 generations of black and tan’s.